Thursday, March 12, 2015

Misting Over Gesso and Flexible Modeling Paste

Yesterday, I played around with applying gesso and flexible modeling paste to paper using a template to control where the paste appeared. After the gesso and flexible modeling paste dried (this step took several hours), I sprayed both with mists. I tried 3 brands; Heidi Swapp Color Shine, Tattered Angels and Smooch. All worked well. Below is a photo of the results. 

The paper on the left has gesso. The paper on the right has flexible modeling paste. I placed the template over the dried medium and sprayed a variety of mists. You need to use care as you spray. The mists tends to pool, so a light application is preferable. I used blues and greens with a little bit of gold on the left hand paper. On the paper with the flexible modeling paste, I used gold Heidi Swapp Color Shine. 

The photo above is a detail of the gesso'd paper. I really like that the colors appear more vibrant on the gesso.

Use care when removing the template. Try not to move the paper until it has dried. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gesso vs Flexible Modeling Paste

I tried both gesso and flexible modeling paste with the same template. When they were wet, they looked similar. Once they dried, the effects were quite different. Below is a photo of the two side by side.

The gesso is on the left hand side and the flexible modeling paste on the right. As you can see the gesso dried more opaque and brighter. The flexible modeling paste has more variation in opacity. I think I prefer the latter.

Playing with Templates and Mists

Mists are a great way to add a little sparkle and color to a page. When combined with a template, you can create some really interesting backgrounds. My mist of choice is Heidi Swapps Color Mist. I have used other brands, but find that Heidi's mists don't clog like some of the others. They also have a bit of sparkle in them, so they at a bit of fun to many projects. I have used them on canvas, paper, chipboard, along with a few other projects, and always been happy with the results.

To get started using mists with templates you will need to following supplies...

  • A template (either one you have made from cardstock or a purchased template.
  • Mists. It is fun to try a few different colors on a page, so the more the merrier!
  • A spray box. To contain the mess. There is no way around this one. Mists are messy. 
  • Paper towels and/or baby wipes are super helpful too ... because as I said, mists can be messy!
  • Canned air to clean out clogged misters. Make sure you do this outside!

The template that I chose to use is a positive shape (in this case several trees). This means that the mist with go in the negative space. When using mists, you should first test the mist to make sure it is working properly. Adhere the template to your cardstock. I attached mine with a few pieces of washi tape at the bottom of each tree trunk.

I chose to use two colors of mist to create a background that looks somewhat like grass and sky; Heidi Swapp's Teal and Chartreuse Color Shine. The template is made by Crafter's Workshop. Place the cardstock and template in your spray box. When spraying mist, hold the mist about 10 inches from the paper and sweep your hand from right to left (or left to right if, you prefer) as you spray. This will give a more even result.

The mist will bead up on the template, but will soak into the cardstock. When you are done spraying, carefully remove the template. Wipe the template down with a paper towel or a baby wipe to remove the mist from the template. The result will be a beautiful background ready to be made into a layout!

Like gesso and flexible model paste, mists tend to warp paper. There are several solutions for this problem. You can set an iron to a low setting, place an ironing cloth over the paper then press the paper. BE VERY CAREFUL THOUGH, you do not want to set anything on fire. A safer solution is to attach the paper to another sheet of cardstock to add stability and help to straighten it out!

Using Gesso and Modeling Paste with Templates

Gesso and Modeling Paste are two artist's mediums that can be used with templates to add dimension to scrapbook pages. To get started you will need a template, the medium of your choice (I tried both gesso and flexible modeling paste), a palette knife, some removable tape (washi tape works great for this purpose) and a piece of cardstock.

Below are the mediums that I used...

Attach the template to the cardstock with a few pieces of washi tape. This step is important since you don't want the template to shift as you are applying the medium.

Apply the medium to the paper using a palette knife. I tried both gesso and flexible modeling paste. While the end result is very similar, I felt that I had more control with the modeling paste. It is a little easier to spread since it is a bit thicker. Both contain a fair amount of water though, so they will cause the paper to warp somewhat as you are working.

Templates give you lots of flexibility. You can apply the medium to all or part of the template. In the photo above I chose to just add medium to the lower left corner.

Once you are done applying the medium, carefully remove the tape off and lift the template up to leave you with a crisp image.

I decided to add more medium to the opposite corner using the same template.

At this point you will need to be patient. It takes a few hours for the medium to dry completely. You should wash the template immediately after using it. Keeping your template clean will ensure that you continue to get crisp results! Templates can be cleaned with warm, soapy water or with baby wipes. Both methods work well. Just make sure you clean them before the medium begins to dry!

The end result is some lovely texture added to the cardstock.

Getting Started Using Templates in Scrapbooking

A fun addition to your scrapbooking tools are templates. Templates can be used to add texture, pattern and color to your pages. There are a number of manufacturers of templates. A few that come to mind are Crafter's Workshop, Heidi Swapp and Martha Stewart. An alternative to purchasing a template is to make one from a piece of cardstock. You can make a template using a electronic die cutting machine or you can go old school and hand cut your template. There are tons of options!

Here are some supplies to get you started. Starting at the top of the photo and working clockwise:

  • A spray box is a must when using mists, It will help contain the overspray! I made mine from a few old boxes. A large packing box makes a great spray box.
  • Gesso or Flexible Modeling paste are two examples of mediums that can be used to add dimension to pages when used with templates. 
  • Palette knives to spread the 
  • Paper towels and baby wipes ... because mists and mediums are messy!
  • Painters tape or washi tape to hold the template in place.
  • Templates! Commercial templates are generally made of a durable, flexible plastic. 
  • A Teflon mat (for easy cleanup).
  • Mists - Smooch, Heidi Swapp and Tattered Angels are all good options.
  • Canned air to clear clogged mists.

In addition to the items pictured, you can use paints, chalks, crayons, colored pencils, inks, etc. to apply color with a template. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf - Round Two

Well a few weeks have passed and our little elf Holly has been super busy around our house.  Day 10 dawned with her fishing on my husband's bureau.

There were candy wrappers everywhere on Day 11 as she munched away on chocolate from inside my daughter's stocking.

A bit of acrobatics and some shiny lights were what we woke up to on Day 12.

Yum, my daughter really enjoyed the s'more that Holly left for her on Day 13.  I am sure that her teacher really appreciated the resulting early morning sugar rush.

The powder room looked very festive on Day 14.  There were holiday wishes all over the mirror.

All the excitement of the previous days left Holly worn out on Day 15.  She spent the day snuggled up with a teddy bear in a doll bed.

A day of rest, meant more antics on Day 16.  Snow angels on the kitchen counter!

Holly spent Day 17 climbing a Lego rock wall.

Day 18 started with Holly resting comfortably among the Christmas trees.

A rousing game of Guess Who? with one of my daughter's stuffed animals was the highlight of Day 19.

Holly is not afraid of heights, because Day 20 found that she had replaced the angel on the top of the children's tree.

A failed attempt to parachute tandem left Holly hanging from the curtain rod on Day 21.

Day 22 was full of craftiness.  Holly stamped a Christmas greeting to my daughter.

After untangling herself from craft supplies, Holly was ready for a little exercise.  Day 23 was spent in a snowball battle with one of the local snowmen.

Which brings us to this morning. Holly is apparently a little bit unclear on exactly how Twitter works.  Ok, so maybe she isn't the only one!  Today we found her in a bird cage tweeting to our family.

I hope that you and are family are having a wonderful holiday season, full of lots of fun family adventures.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting our house today!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf

For years, the Elf on the Shelf has stayed clear of our house.  On the day after Thanksgiving, we were so excited to find her sitting on the living room bookshelf.  Each morning my youngest daughter wakes up extra early to search for Holly the Elf.  So far she has been getting into mischief all over the house.

Day 2 ... We found her enjoying a bubble bath in the powder room.

Day 3 ... The day of relaxation must have really tuckered Holly out, because she spent the day sleeping in the family room.  She did manage to open the set of playing cards that my daughter handcrafted for her from duct tape prior to hitting the sack though! 

Day 4 ... After a bit of searching we found her enjoying some juice in the kitty print chair.  My daughter was a little surprised to find Holly in her favorite chair!

Day 5 ... I guess she was missing the cold of the North Pole because she put on a pair of ear muffs and scarf and spent the day hanging out in the refrigerator enjoying chocolate syrup.  We were pretty happy that she chose the syrup over the wine.  That could have been ugly!

Day 6 ... Was spent reading a good book.  Ironically, the book was titled Holly and Hal Moose.  I guess she thought it was about her.

Day 7 ... Holly got tricky.  It took us a while to find her hiding among the poinsettias.

Day 8 ... What better way for an elf to spend a day than enjoying a spot of tea!

Day 9 ... Turns out Holly made a visit to Barbie World in our basement and found herself a cool ride.  She is a bit of a daredevil!

More to come!  I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!  And thanks for stopping in the Green House on the Hill.