Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf - Round Two

Well a few weeks have passed and our little elf Holly has been super busy around our house.  Day 10 dawned with her fishing on my husband's bureau.

There were candy wrappers everywhere on Day 11 as she munched away on chocolate from inside my daughter's stocking.

A bit of acrobatics and some shiny lights were what we woke up to on Day 12.

Yum, my daughter really enjoyed the s'more that Holly left for her on Day 13.  I am sure that her teacher really appreciated the resulting early morning sugar rush.

The powder room looked very festive on Day 14.  There were holiday wishes all over the mirror.

All the excitement of the previous days left Holly worn out on Day 15.  She spent the day snuggled up with a teddy bear in a doll bed.

A day of rest, meant more antics on Day 16.  Snow angels on the kitchen counter!

Holly spent Day 17 climbing a Lego rock wall.

Day 18 started with Holly resting comfortably among the Christmas trees.

A rousing game of Guess Who? with one of my daughter's stuffed animals was the highlight of Day 19.

Holly is not afraid of heights, because Day 20 found that she had replaced the angel on the top of the children's tree.

A failed attempt to parachute tandem left Holly hanging from the curtain rod on Day 21.

Day 22 was full of craftiness.  Holly stamped a Christmas greeting to my daughter.

After untangling herself from craft supplies, Holly was ready for a little exercise.  Day 23 was spent in a snowball battle with one of the local snowmen.

Which brings us to this morning. Holly is apparently a little bit unclear on exactly how Twitter works.  Ok, so maybe she isn't the only one!  Today we found her in a bird cage tweeting to our family.

I hope that you and are family are having a wonderful holiday season, full of lots of fun family adventures.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting our house today!

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  1. Too creative. I've been playing in my classroom and the kids are in love with our George.