Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Playing with Templates and Mists

Mists are a great way to add a little sparkle and color to a page. When combined with a template, you can create some really interesting backgrounds. My mist of choice is Heidi Swapps Color Mist. I have used other brands, but find that Heidi's mists don't clog like some of the others. They also have a bit of sparkle in them, so they at a bit of fun to many projects. I have used them on canvas, paper, chipboard, along with a few other projects, and always been happy with the results.

To get started using mists with templates you will need to following supplies...

  • A template (either one you have made from cardstock or a purchased template.
  • Mists. It is fun to try a few different colors on a page, so the more the merrier!
  • A spray box. To contain the mess. There is no way around this one. Mists are messy. 
  • Paper towels and/or baby wipes are super helpful too ... because as I said, mists can be messy!
  • Canned air to clean out clogged misters. Make sure you do this outside!

The template that I chose to use is a positive shape (in this case several trees). This means that the mist with go in the negative space. When using mists, you should first test the mist to make sure it is working properly. Adhere the template to your cardstock. I attached mine with a few pieces of washi tape at the bottom of each tree trunk.

I chose to use two colors of mist to create a background that looks somewhat like grass and sky; Heidi Swapp's Teal and Chartreuse Color Shine. The template is made by Crafter's Workshop. Place the cardstock and template in your spray box. When spraying mist, hold the mist about 10 inches from the paper and sweep your hand from right to left (or left to right if, you prefer) as you spray. This will give a more even result.

The mist will bead up on the template, but will soak into the cardstock. When you are done spraying, carefully remove the template. Wipe the template down with a paper towel or a baby wipe to remove the mist from the template. The result will be a beautiful background ready to be made into a layout!

Like gesso and flexible model paste, mists tend to warp paper. There are several solutions for this problem. You can set an iron to a low setting, place an ironing cloth over the paper then press the paper. BE VERY CAREFUL THOUGH, you do not want to set anything on fire. A safer solution is to attach the paper to another sheet of cardstock to add stability and help to straighten it out!

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