Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Getting Started Using Templates in Scrapbooking

A fun addition to your scrapbooking tools are templates. Templates can be used to add texture, pattern and color to your pages. There are a number of manufacturers of templates. A few that come to mind are Crafter's Workshop, Heidi Swapp and Martha Stewart. An alternative to purchasing a template is to make one from a piece of cardstock. You can make a template using a electronic die cutting machine or you can go old school and hand cut your template. There are tons of options!

Here are some supplies to get you started. Starting at the top of the photo and working clockwise:

  • A spray box is a must when using mists, It will help contain the overspray! I made mine from a few old boxes. A large packing box makes a great spray box.
  • Gesso or Flexible Modeling paste are two examples of mediums that can be used to add dimension to pages when used with templates. 
  • Palette knives to spread the 
  • Paper towels and baby wipes ... because mists and mediums are messy!
  • Painters tape or washi tape to hold the template in place.
  • Templates! Commercial templates are generally made of a durable, flexible plastic. 
  • A Teflon mat (for easy cleanup).
  • Mists - Smooch, Heidi Swapp and Tattered Angels are all good options.
  • Canned air to clear clogged mists.

In addition to the items pictured, you can use paints, chalks, crayons, colored pencils, inks, etc. to apply color with a template. 

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