Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf

For years, the Elf on the Shelf has stayed clear of our house.  On the day after Thanksgiving, we were so excited to find her sitting on the living room bookshelf.  Each morning my youngest daughter wakes up extra early to search for Holly the Elf.  So far she has been getting into mischief all over the house.

Day 2 ... We found her enjoying a bubble bath in the powder room.

Day 3 ... The day of relaxation must have really tuckered Holly out, because she spent the day sleeping in the family room.  She did manage to open the set of playing cards that my daughter handcrafted for her from duct tape prior to hitting the sack though! 

Day 4 ... After a bit of searching we found her enjoying some juice in the kitty print chair.  My daughter was a little surprised to find Holly in her favorite chair!

Day 5 ... I guess she was missing the cold of the North Pole because she put on a pair of ear muffs and scarf and spent the day hanging out in the refrigerator enjoying chocolate syrup.  We were pretty happy that she chose the syrup over the wine.  That could have been ugly!

Day 6 ... Was spent reading a good book.  Ironically, the book was titled Holly and Hal Moose.  I guess she thought it was about her.

Day 7 ... Holly got tricky.  It took us a while to find her hiding among the poinsettias.

Day 8 ... What better way for an elf to spend a day than enjoying a spot of tea!

Day 9 ... Turns out Holly made a visit to Barbie World in our basement and found herself a cool ride.  She is a bit of a daredevil!

More to come!  I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!  And thanks for stopping in the Green House on the Hill.

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